Nurture Your Relationships As Much As Your Ambitions; Both Are Essential For Lasting Fulfillment.

Having co-founded Quest Nutrition, sold for $1 billion, and built Impact Theory together, Tom and Lisa's partnership extends beyond their 21-year marriage into groundbreaking business achievements. In this exclusive podcast, they open up about their journey, sharing candid advice and personal experiences that delve into the art of balancing love, life, and business.
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Create Relationships That Last

Each episode features insightful conversations on crucial relationship topics—from maintaining strong bonds in challenging times to nurturing mutual growth and respect. Ideal for couples striving for both romantic and professional success, this playlist is a goldmine of practical wisdom and inspiring stories. Tune in and learn from Tom and Lisa's unique perspective on building a powerful relationship that stands the test of time and triumphs in the entrepreneurial world. Embrace their strategies, ignite your partnership, and embark on a path to creating your own extraordinary legacy together! Episodes released weekly.
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